Our Story


I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your initiative to embark on this journey, aiding your child or other children in your proximity to garner precious Islamic wisdom. It is my sincere wish that Allah (SWT) blesses you with righteous children who will serve as a source of pride for the Imam of our time (AJTF).

I am Areesha Rizvi, the author and originator of 'A Warrior Named Haider'! Currently, I pursue my studies in the field of Neuroscience at Baldwin Wallace University, located in Cleveland, Ohio. The driving force behind these literary creations transcends further than mere comprehension. Instead, it seeks to instill an authentic fascination and adoration for the Prophet (SAW) and his Holy Household (PBUT).

During my upbringing in the United States, I adhered to my faith without truly comprehending its essence. It was not until my high school years that I began to inquire and cultivate a sincere curiosity for Islam. As I delved into the magnificence of the Almighty and the sacred Ahlulbayt (AS), my perspective transformed remarkably. My initial conviction of "Islam is my religion and I must observe it" evolved into an immense gratitude for having the opportunity to embrace it. Imbued with an ardent zeal for the Ahlulbayt (AS), I embarked on a spiritual journey to perform Ziyarat in Iraq. Upon my return, an indomitable flame was kindled within my soul, compelling me to share this profound love for the Prophet (SAW) and His Family amongst all.

It is evident that this essence of love, firmly resides within every individual; it simply requires a journey of revelation. The sooner we unveil it, the more it shall illuminate our path in life. 

Therefore, I endeavored to commence my journey by crafting children's literature inspired by the Paragons of virtue....Our genuine Superheroes: The Ahlulbayt (AS). This approach allows young minds to explore the Holy Household from a refreshingly unique vantage point, sparking enthusiasm for learning and ultimately fostering their positive Islamic development. What could be a more superior method than engaging in interactive education, which stimulates your child's intellect and inspires them to pursue more knowledge due to its enjoyable nature?

It is with utmost sincerity and profound hopes that these literary works significantly impact your child's life, igniting within them a deep-rooted passion for connecting with Allah (SWT) and the esteemed Ahlulbayt (AS).

-Areesha Rizvi